Vanessa Place READING at opening of Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art

The opening featured performances by

Robert Fitterman (7 pm) "I, too, am an artist."
Michalis Pichler (7.30 pm) "Statement of Intent", "MISSING SONNET", "narcissist poem"
Derek Beaulieu  (7.50 pm)
Christian Bök (8.10 pm)
Vanessa Place. (8.30 pm)   reading from "Statement of Facts"

Opening Reception



Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, October 12, 2012–February 3, 2013

Co-curated by Andrea Andersson and Nora Burnett Abrams

The show will feature a real Pianola playing UN COUP DE DÉS JAMAIS NABOLIRA LE HASARD (MUSIQUE)
A big thank you goes to Dick Kroeckel, member of AMICA (Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association) for lending his Pianola for the whole duration of the show.


Postscript explores the intersection of conceptual writing and contemporary

art, presenting a collection of text-based works that reflect on the form and

function of language at the beginning of the 21st century.

Hosted by Project Space with presenting partner Fillip


from left to right: Evangelos Markantonis, Retrospective 1955-1989, Giovanna Spiteris, Sculpture, 1961

organized by OMMU Athens
- September 7 2012 till September 9 2012 
OPEN MUSEUM / Galerie der Gegenwart / Hamburger Kunsthalle
-September 27 2012 till October 3 2012 


July, August, September 2012. Juillet, Août, Septembre 2012. Juli, August, Septe

Please join us for the booklaunch of July, August, September 2012. Juillet, Août, Septembre 2012. Juli, August, September 2012.

The launch will take place in the lobby of MOMA PS1 Sunday Sept. 30th 2012 at 6pm

michalis pichler / New York Art Book Fair

The NY Art Book Fair is free and open to the public. will be located at the booth A77 in the Friendly Fire Section

come by, say hi

Preview: Thursday, September 27 2012, 6–9 pm
Friday, September 28 2012, 12 am–7 pm
Saturday, September 29 2012, 11 am–9 pm
Sunday, September 30 2012, 11 am–7 pm

22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue
Long Island City, NY

Kunsthalle Wien /Michalis Pichler/ Camera Billie Meskens

« Inexpensively produced and sold, self-published, small circulation, passionate! »
Bereits zum dritten Mal organisiert die Kunsthalle Wien die Independent Publishers and Artzine Fair Vienna. Der Event, der sich in den letzten beiden Jahren zu einem großen Publikumserfolg entwickelt hat, wird heuer mit einem umfangreichen Begleitprogramm auf zwei Tage ausgeweitet in der großen Ausstellungshalle der Kunsthalle Wien im Museumsquartier stattfinden.


This year MISS READ is taking place in conjunction with abc art berlin contemporary during Berlin Art Week.
MISS READ will comprise a selection of about 60 international publishers and artists.
The festival will present artistic publishing and invited a selection of active contributors in this field to present their program to a wider public.

September 14th - 16th, 2012
Station Berlin, "Bananenhalle"
Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6
10963 Berlin

Picasso, Pablo  233, 285, 318

Pichler, Michalis  13, 14, 27-30, 47, 59,

     89, 92, 93, 105, 106, 107, 196, 202,

     203, 204, 206, 213, 223, 227, 228, 229,

     230, 235, 316, 332, 395, 396, 400-404

Piller, Peter  380, 381, 384-386

Pitz, Hermann  377

Poe, Edgar Allan  169, 187, 388

Pollock, Jackson  240, 242

pichler lenin

Including original artworks, book objects, prints and a tremendous selection of artists' books, HELP/LESS looks to the various modes and methods of appropriation in contemporary art, including: plagiarism, re-authorship, identity subversion, copyism, substration, redaction, curation from the Commons, collective authorship, forgery, theoretical translation, narrative appropriation and reprography.

July, August, September 2012. Juillet, Août, Septembre 2012. Juli, August, Septe


contributions by Eleanor Brown, Eric Doeringer, Craig Dworkin, Robert Fitterman, Michael Maranda, Jonathan Monk, Edgar Orlaineta,  Vanessa Place, Michalis Pichler, Seth Siegelaub, The Yes Men


36 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2012, "greatest hits" Berlin
ISBN 978-3-86874-011-0

€ 20.00 (tax incl) order