Re-Use, Re-Make, Re-Enact talk at Arnolfini, Bristol
鈴木芳一(Suzuki, Yoshikazu), 銀座八丁(Ginza Haccho), Tokyo 1954


Live Art/Dance

Thu 24 Mar, 6.30pm

£7.00/£5.50 Concs



Rod Dickinson, a visual artist who uses detailed research into moments of the past and present that represent various mechanisms of social control. Rod will draw on his experience to discuss strategies and methods of re-enactment.

The Performance Re-enactment Society who will present a slide show of their work in progress narrative for Salad Dressing, the cover of Crackers.

Tom Sowden, Co-curator of Follow-ed (After Hokusai), will discuss the appropriation and paraphrasing of Ed Ruscha.

Michalis Pichler: Ruscha der Fischotter aka: Printed Matter And Other Visible Things On Paper Not Necessarily Meant To Be Viewed As After Ruscha aka: One Hundred Views Of One Hundred Views Of Mount Fuji, If Someone Says So aka: SIX HANDS AND A CHEESE SANDWICH

Maria Fusco, Director of Art Writing at Goldsmiths who will present a performative reading from her collection of short stories The Mechanical Copula.