PRINT CLOUD at Tryk Tryk Tryk, Copenhagen


March 26, 2011
Fernisering / Opening 18.00-21.00

Tryk Tryk Tryk is an immersive space for conceptual projects, art, activism, workshops, graphic experiments, and more. It combines a shop selling original printed matter from around the world and locally roasted coffee with a print workshop and a schedule of exhibitions.

Tryk Tryk Tryk aims to share and produce critically relevant print culture by focusing on the process of print making as well as the exhibition of new and archival print based works. The Tryk Tryk Tryk workshop also provides an independent publishing platform for small publications, poster and pamphlet projects while our upcoming series of exhibitions alternates between contemporary art, activism, and critical design.

Print Cloud is an exhibition welcoming you to Tryk Tryk Tryk. It will feature books, posters, prints, ephemera and more