Miss Read: Book Launch Decolonizing Art Book Fairs & Idea Poll

The global publishing industry is still dominated by gatekeepers in the Global North. To what extent does the colonial gaze shape the art book market? How is it possible to decolonize the art book industry? The evening centers around two recently published publications: Decolonizing Art Book Fairs – Publishing Practices from the Souths is a workbook with primarily newly commissioned texts and interviews with artists, authors and publishers. The volume attempts to enrich the discourse on publishing and of art book fairs, with an emphasis on practitioners and initiatives from the African continent and diaspora.

Idea Poll collects ideas regarding publishing activities and beyond. The texts gathered in this volume were collected through an online query as part of the Conceptual Poetics Day. It features about 100 responses from diverse international networks. On HKW’s roof terrace editors of Decolonizing Art Book Fairs will discuss the current state of affairs in the field of art and publishing.

With Pascale Obolo, Parfait Tabapsi, Yaiza Camps, Moritz Grünke and Michalis Pichler

In cooperation with Miss Read and Conceptual Poetics Day, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds