Archive of Shredded Catalogues

OPEN CALL for contributions to the

Archive of Shredded Catalogues

If your work (any kind of authorship) is featured in a publication you are unhappy with - or want to have shredded for any other reason - you may submit it to the Archive of Shredded Catalogues.

All submissions will be properly shredded,

stored and contingently exhibited. They will not be returned.

Please supply the following information

 - your Name
 - title of publication
 - place and
 - year of publication
 - Comments (optional)


and mail it together with the catalogue to:

Michalis Pichler
Steglitzer Damm 100 
D-12169 Berlin

or bring it to Publish And Be Damnned, August 3rd 2008, Rochelle School, London E2 7ES

(recent shredding: May 24 2008, at "One night stand", KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin)

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