Apt 13’s A New Museum’s Triennial @ FR MOCA

“In every discipline artistic theory is little avail without unremitting exercise, but especially in mnemonics, theory is almost valueless unless made good by industry, devotion, toil, and care. You can make sure that you have as many places as possible and that these conform as much as possible to the rules; in placing the images you should exercise every day.”

— Frances A. Yates

Apt 13’s A New Museum’s Triennial @ FR MOCA
Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art
Opening May 14/15, 2021
502 Bedford Street
Fall River, MA


Joshua Abelow

Dylan Ahern 

Gene Beery

Maxime Belykh

Joshua Boulos

Andy Heck Boys

Drew Broderick

Brianly Castillo 

Joey Cianci

Jacob Ciocci & Extreme Animals

Baijun Chen

Horacio Alcolea Crespo

Olive Diamond

Wallace Dibble

Raque Ford 

Myls Forte

Audrey Gair

Jonathan Gean

Jackie Gendel

John Gianfrancesco 

Wiley Guillot 

Hector Muños-Guzmán

Erika Hickle

Jason Hirata

Parker Ito 

Exene Karros

Zuzia Kiksa

Martin Kippenberger

Jackson Kneath 

Amos Lemon

Nandi Loaf

Israel Lund

Adrienne Maki

Laura Margulies 

Kyung Me

Ian Miller 

Mark Milloff

A.R. Penck

Michalis Pichler

Eli Ping

Lub Poeem

Michael Pollard

Jack Ryan 

Eric Schmid

Lawrence Seward

Trevor Shimizu 

Travess Smalley

Joe Speier 

Jesse Sullivan

Matthew Thomas Voor

HC Westermann

Eamon Wagner 

Guy Weiwei 

Clara Wise

Roy Xu

Purvis Young


Jon Michael Lavoie

Devin Kyle Cuthbertson 


Will James

Pretty Boy Sate



Blue Gregor