*The Hidden
Getarnter Frosch, Kulturpalast Wedding International

Konzert und Ausstellung

am Freitag, 5.April 2013 um 20 Uhr

Nichts sehen / Nichts hören / Kunst verstecken:


Nothing to see / Nothing to hear / Hiding Art
In accordance with the Easter tradition, we present an interactive festival between art and music. The festival is more about hiding than showing art. We present a room full with art and music, where you don`t see anything at first sightb by stepping into the gallery. Numerous artists placed their works in our space. There is also the possibility to bring works spontaneously during the exhibition night.

We ask for mimicry, minimalism and the maximum of invisibility. We are also happy to show contributions dealing with the topic of hiding. Secret agents, quick-change artists and the Association of colourblind painters mare invited to show their works. If you have any question- ask the hidden marching band.


alto, Holger Biermann, Bernd Böhlendorf, Claudio Molinari Dassatti & Iñigo Orduña, Halim Dogan, Marco Damke, Rolf Gesing,  Sebastian Hänel, Henrik Jacob, Werner Kernebeck, Andreas Kotulla, Norman Krenz, Chantal Labinski, Michalis Pichler, Klaus Schecknitzki, Heike Walter, Daniela Weber

with a hidden concert / mit einem verborgenen Konzert von Ahoua und Sick Daves