Cabinets of Miracles

Curated by Polyna Kosmadaki and Christopher Marinos (within the framework of Zone D of the Zoumboulakis Gallery)

27 September–30 October 2010
Tue–Wed–Fri 15.00–21.00, Thu 15.00– 24.00, Sat12–21.00, Sun & Mon closed
Building A:  10 Agias Irinis Sq.  Building B: Vassilikis 2 & P. Skouze & Limpona, Athens


Press Release: The passing of time on space, the physical traces left by objects, as well as the need to see and remember the things that have existed or could exist, conceptually connect the works included in “Cabinets of Miracles”.

The notion of collection, in conjunction with the spatial configuration of the buildings –the readymade display cases in the one building and the use of the second building as an “open display case”, led the curators to investigate notions such as the grid and index, which are directly related to the Modernist aesthetics.

Their starting point has been both the empty house –a bourgeois house in the form of a bare cabinet, a cabinet in the form of a wasteland– and the specific curatorial decision to fill it with objects and images that would bring up memories, give rise to associations and produce knowledge. As the curators note, the exhibition reintroduces Mark Rothko’s famous assertion by posing it as a question, “Must pictures be miraculous?”



Alexiou Nikos, Apostolou Eugenia, Arvanitis Nikos, Barbageorgopoulou Daphne, Bassanos Kostas, Bofiliou Margarita, Chandris Pantelis, Christopoulos Kostas, Economou Dora, Giannakis Theodoros, Ionas Lakis & Aris / The Callas, Kallimopoulos G. Michalis, Katzourakis Michalis, Konti Maria,  Lazongas George, Lappas George, Loizidou Maria, Lykakis Sifis, Malegiannakis Yannis, Mantzios Nikos, Moralis Yannis, Moraki Elisavet, Panagiotopoulou Aliki, Papathanasiou Alexandros, Papaconstantinou Nina, Patsourakis Eftihis, Pichler Michalis, Pittas Antonis, Roussakis Kostas, Sapountzis Yorgos, Sepetzoglou Nikos, Simaki Sofia, Skaltsas Yannis, Tsantila Evanthia, Theodoropoulos Yiannis, Xagoraris Zafos.