"greatest hits" POSTNAIVISM poster
Pichler Michalis, "greatest hits" POSTNAIVISM poster (Berlin: ”greatest hits”, 2019).
Michalis Pichler
"greatest hits" POSTNAIVISM poster
Berlin: ”greatest hits”, 2019
420 x 594 mm
Offset, Folded
ed. 1000 copies

Includes an almost complete checklist of "greatest hits" with cover images and bibliographic information, the publishing manifesto of "greatest hits" and techniques of POSTNAIVISM.



· 1 · the strategic use of found and pre-used material, be it image, object, sound, text or thought

· 2 · the use of an existing layout scheme or corporate identity (see Kippenberger, especially)

· 3 · the 1:1-use or paraphrase of a historic title, using the same or alluding words, syntax or rhythm

· 4 · the reenactment of an “old” concept with “new” material

· 5 · the reenactment of “old” material with a “new” concept

· 6 · making-available of (hard-to-find-) material, by providing a file or physical copy, be it authorized or not, be it with or without claims to second-order-authorship

· 7 · if a book paraphrases one explicit historical or contemporary predecessor in title, style and / or content, this technique is what i would call a “greatest hit”

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