The book affair, June 2 & 3 at Metricubi, Venice
The book affair, June 2 & 3 at Metricubi, Venice

In the occa­sion of the four days open­ing of 54th edi­tion of the Venice Art Bien­nale, Auto­matic Books presents The Book Affair, a two days of inde­pend­ent art pub­lish­ers fair at Met­ricubi, one of the few inde­pend­ently run exhib­i­tion spaces in Venice. 



0_​100 (Italy, Mil­ano) · Åbäke — Draw­ing Room Con­fes­sions (United King­dom, Lon­don) · AKV Ber­lin (Ger­many, Ber­lin) · And (United King­dom, Lon­don) · Archive Books (Ger­many, Ber­lin) · Auto­matic Books (Italy, Venice) · Blanco (Italy, Reg­gio Emilia) · Boabooks (Switzer­land, Genève) · Book Works ltd (United King­dom, Lon­don) · Cam­illa Can­dida Donzella (Italy, Mil­ano) · Dyn­asty Zine (Greece, Athens) · Florence Loewy (France, Paris) · Gaga — Gagarin Magazine (Bel­gium, Ant­werp) · Grafic Magazine (South Korea, Seoul) · Incer­tain Sens (France, Saint Sen­oux) · Invernomuto — Hun­debiss Records (Italy, Torino) · Jan Van Eyck (The Neth­er­lands, Maastricht) · Kal­eidoskope Press (Italy, Mil­ano) · Mak­ing Do (United King­dom, Lon­don) · Medi­abus — The Book Soci­ety (South Korea, Seoul) · Michalis Pichler (Ger­many, Ber­lin) · Mörel Books (United King­dom, Lon­don) · Mousse Pub­lish­ing — Mousse Magazine (Italy, Mil­ano) · Naivsu­per Book (Ger­many, Ber­lin) · Nieves (Switzer­land, Zurich) · Occulto Magazine — AC Gal­lerie (Ger­many, Ber­lin) · Ono­ma­topee (The Neth­er­lands, Eind­hoven) · Ottaven — Canedicoda (Italy, Vit­torio Ven­eto) · Pogo Books (Ger­many, Ber­lin) · Raw Raw (Italy, Mil­ano) · San Rocco Magazine (Italy, Mil­ano) · Salon für Kun­st­buch (Aus­tria, Vienna) · Temp Stu­dio (Italy, Ber­gamo) · Tom­maso Garner (Italy, Mil­ano) · Tor­pedo Press (Nor­way, Oslo) and Distributor ommu.

Con­fer­ences, lec­tures and talks, book launches and book sign­ing will take place dur­ing the fair. The Book Affair will take place on June 2nd and 3rd 

Campi­ello delle Erbe 2003
Campo San Polo, 30125 Venezia

June 2nd to 3rd2011